Repeated refresh increases the speed of the computer?


Most people find that refreshing the home screen repeatedly after turning on the computer increases speed. Or press five buttons to speed up the computer. There are some people who think that it increases the performance of the system.

But you'll be surprised, this refresh actually does nothing. Clicking the refresh option on the home screen does not increase the performance of the computer.

The question naturally arises, what is actually the purpose of refreshing?

Actually desktop i.e. home screen itself is a folder. In this case it shows the folder with its latest information when you refresh it.

For example, you rename multiple folders on the home screen in alphabetical order. If it doesn't show consecutively after that, refresh it once and it will show consecutively.Likewise, if you've changed something in a folder, or created a shortcut, but it's not showing up, it'll show up on the home screen when you refresh.

However, people still have a misconception that clicking the refresh option on the computer home screen makes the computer faster. Basically the speed of the computer depends on its RAM and processor.

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